My story of looking on the bright side

bright sideLooking on the bright side is my tongue-in-cheek account of getting my kit off after breast cancer and posing in the nude for a good cause.

Amanda Crowther photographed me that way along with twelve other women to encourage others suffering from this awful disease.

I hope you find my tale amusing – it begins when Amanda started her project in earnest about a year after my final bout of surgery.

Chapter 1. My very risque plan

I’m a 48-year-old mother and former director of nursing who surprised friends and family with my very risque plan to become a nude model. You may be curious why I'm willing to strip off for the camera at my age. … Continue reading →

Chapter 2. Nothing but a smile

The morning when I am due to pose wearing nothing but a smile has arrived. I awake with my husband, John, in a posh country hotel near Leeds. The opulent surroundings boosted my confidence for the stern test laying ahead. … Continue reading →

Chapter 3. An exposed position

While posing in an exposed position for Amanda's camera, I become aware of a disconcerting presence on the set. Two men have ventured into the studio under the cover of darkness. Standing with my arms raised above my head, I … Continue reading →

Chapter 4. All is revealed

Now my shoot is completed, almost everyone I know sees for themselves that all is revealed in my photographs. Fortunately, I'm so pleased with how I appear in them I don't mind who sees me resplendent in my forty-eight-year-old birthday … Continue reading →

Chapter 5. Calendar girl

A year after my photo shoot, Amanda brings her plans to an exciting climax and turns me into a calendar girl. In the meantime, unauthorised copying of her photographs from the On the Bright Side Website to an online forum … Continue reading →

Looking on the bright side: the origins of my story

Early drafts of my Looking on the bright side story appeared in the appropriately named but now discontinued "Older mums are fun" blog. My friend, Diney, had kindly published a couple of features on my photoshoot under the titles "Breast cancer – there I've said it" and "Getting my kit off for charity." These articles have been expanded and updated to form that part of my diary. As I said in the second feature, I have most definitely proved Diney's assertion that "older mums are fun", although, as a former breast cancer patient, I'm not allowed the HRT!