My daily journal of living with breast cancer

bright sideNick-with-hair-starting-to-grow-back
My daily journal describes the first three months of coping with breast cancer on a day by day basis. The journal includes living through diagnosis and treatment leading to hope in remission.

This record of my feelings during these dark days helped me cope with the shock of diagnosis. The journal starts on the day of my diagnosis and records the most difficult period of my illness.

During this period I go through surgery, suffer a serious post-op infection and undergo intravenous chemotherapy. I stopped writing my journal after 95 days when normality returned to my life. By this point, I became nothing more than a mundane record of my daily activities such as the school run and shopping. The final section Life after breast cancer brings my story up to date through my years in remission.

Two years elapsed after I first reported a lump in my breast to my GP before the official diagnosis of my cancer. I include the reasons for this delay in my daily journal entries. As the mother of two young children, BC turned my life upside down.

I soon underwent a lumpectomy to remove the tumour and afterwards suffered from a severe post-operative infection. Given my age, I accepted every possible therapy to increase my chances of long-term survival. I endured chemotherapy, the removal of more tissue from my breast and several sessions of radiotherapy.

After these treatments I began a ten-year course of the drugs Tamoxifen and Letrozole to keep me cancer-free. I opted for cosmetic surgery to match up my boobs. Throughout this difficult period, I received fantastic support from my family and friends. The entries I made in my journal of the first three months are set out in the following posts. Each of these cover one week of daily entries.